Preity Zinta’s ‘Ishkq in Paris’

Preity Zinta has revealed on her microblogging page that she’s bidding adieu to Paris and heading to LA for a while.

But we know her secret! Though we knew that Preity had gone there to finalise two French actors for her first home production, sources tell us that Preity has finalized the movie’s name too. “It’s called ” Ishkq in Paris”,” our source reveals.

Check out the official statement by our Preity herself here.



2 Responses to Preity Zinta’s ‘Ishkq in Paris’

  1. Amar says:

    finally finally finally…iam so happy…as this time she herself tweeted that…she never lies!!!
    i hated the rumors of Dhoom-3, Ladies And Gentlemen, a YRF movie with Aamir etc etc….
    finally a movie…hope it completes its shootings asap and hit the theaters sooner and Preity get one more Black Lady for best actress!!!!

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