Preity’s short of time & money!

Preity Zinta hails from Himachal Pradesh and she always wanted to make her dream home in Shimla. A long time ago, she had acquired a plot of land and wanted to make an eco-friendly home there.

However, after much planning, her plans to build a dream home have taken a back seat for the moment, largely due to her busy schedule and the fact that all her financial resources have been exhausted.

When contacted, Preity Zinta said, “Yes I wanted to make a house in Shimla, but now I don’t have the time and money to make it. I mean it’s difficult to leave everything behind at present. I am clear that I want to make an eco-friendly house.

The plan is definitely there and I will be speaking to a friend of mine who is a big designer and expert in energy conserving houses.”

The dimpled actress explained further about her plans for her dream house, “I have a beautiful land near the Golf course. I want it to be lovely and to have central heating, when it is snowing in Shimla. With temperature-controlled rooms and solar energy, it will be a perfect environment friendly house. The land I have is also very exclusive.

With generals and politicians living around me, it’s quite a safe home. But I just don’t want to make anything right now, as it will take months to complete it. I want to make an energy-conserving house. I wanted to make it back then. However, IPL and the films that I am doing have taken up all my time. Hopefully I will do it soon.”



2 Responses to Preity’s short of time & money!

  1. amine419 says:

    Hello great artist and beautiful

  2. Johnny says:

    Further proof Preity is just a hasbeen now!

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