I have taken enough risks: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is all set to turn producer. “We’ll be making one film this year under the banner PZNZ Media,” she says. “I believe, besides hard work, it’s an instinct for choosing the right movie that’d got me where I am today. And this script is really exciting. ”The idea to produce came from a friend who pointed out that she’d jumped on to the IPL bandwagon without knowing anything about cricket.

“Of course, after that I took a course at the Harvard Business School, asked a million questions and gave two years to the game. Film is my core competence and it should be easier focusing on it. Suddenly, the sky is bluer, the birds are singing and life is so cool,” she dimples.

She has some top names in mind for the hero’s part but has still to figure out dates. “I have to set my own schedule since I am doing some outside productions. But expect an announcement soon,” she promises.

Her first production is a rom-com, happy and light, portions of which will be shot abroad, within a budget. The director is Prem Soni whose debut movie, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, took a tumble.

Preity is unfazed: “I’d rather work with someone who’s fallen down hard than someone who’s at the top because he’s driven to go out there and prove a point to the world. Even Imtiaz Ali’s first film, Socha Na Tha, wasn’t a blockbuster but today everyone wants to work with him. If Prem is a risk, I’m willing to take him on. I’ve taken enough risks in my life, from studying criminal psychology to flipping a coin and doing a movie (Kya Kehna) to giving two years to cricket when at the peak.”

She did an item number in Main Aur Mrs Khanna and remembers the first day jitters: “It was in the middle of IPL, I had a week off. After King XI’s match with the Mumbai Indians, I flew from Chandigarh and drove straight to the sets.”

After being in jeans and Tees for weeks, she panicked when handed a ghagra-choli. “I kept the unit waiting for an hour because I thought the top was too short,” she laughs.

“Farah (choreographer Farah Khan) had to remind me that I was a heroine and threatened to kill me if I didn’t give her the jhatkas. I thought I had forgotten till Salman (Khan) walked in and got me dancing again. Thank God, I was among friends. It should be easier for Prem this time around.”



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