Short Preity News

Preity attended the birthday bash of Karan Johar, hosted by SRK at Mannat. She looked very cute in a yellow shirt. This is Preity’s first public appearance post the IPL.

  • There has been various reports that Preity has been dating Brett Lee. This is NOT true. Preity just had dinner with her friend Brett Lee.
  • Preity is not adopted by Shandar Amrohi. She has not inherited his property.
  • Preity will take some time off before she starts shooting for movies. There still has not been movies announcement. That is still in cue!

2 Responses to Short Preity News

  1. Perez says:

    I fear that too much wait will destroy the excitement eventually!! huh.. I wish Preity has taken only a week off!! the Yash Chopra film with Srk n Katrina has space for another heroine and i guess Preity should take it! Because preity has reached that level where she can overshadow any other actor in a film. Heores and Heaven On Earth are the proof!

  2. Perez says:

    Even Mahesh Manjarekar’s WHITE is a film worth doing! She shouldn’t miss it! But for all my excitement or impatience, I should also know Preity has brain par excellence ans she knows what she is doing! I can only hope she drives the audience and the critics crazy with her films now on..!

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