‘Ness, Preity patch up’

Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta kept their distance from each other after their split two years ago.

It was only natural. However, as they are also business partners (co-owners of the IPL team) they remained cordial. The interaction was more formal than friendly. But that has changed now. They are over the awkward phase after a break-up and have been ready to be friends again. The duo were spotted partying.

They seemed totally relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company. They have also been hanging out with mutual friends, which they’d stopped doing after they parted ways. Says an insider, “Things had become weird for a while. They’d decided to make a joint statement of their break-up, but things didn’t go as planned. Preity was at a party when she was asked about Ness’ whereabouts. Known to be frank, the actress blurted out that she had no clue. This instantly aroused the curiosity of her friends who were present and Preity admitted to them that she and Ness weren’t dating anymore.

The news spread like wild fire and became the talk of the town the next day. Ness was upset because it was thrown at him out of the blue. He felt betrayed. He felt her declaration of ‘I am single’ was unnecessary, while she felt there was no point in putting up an act in front of friends when they weren’t together anymore. They argued over this, and things soured between them. But now they are letting bygones be bygones. Like any mature adult would. Yes, ex-es can be friends. End of a relationship doesn’t have to always end with the one-time lovers hating each other for life.



3 Responses to ‘Ness, Preity patch up’

  1. She is happy with or without… she don’t need anyone…but every one needs her….

    PZ smile as always do…!!!!

  2. PZ smile as you always do…!!!!

  3. Prashant Nadarge says:

    How to delete the aboce statement…lol

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