Gilchrist wants to work with Preity in films

Former Australian wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist wants to work in films only if he is cast opposite Bollywood beauty Preity Zinta.

Preity is incidentally the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab whose skipper is Gilchrist.

Gilchrist expressed this desire of his at the Puma showroom in Sector 17 where he launched the new IPL footwear range of the company.

Responding to a question on his joining the films, the hard-hitter batsman said that as of now he was going neither to Bollywood nor to Hollywood, as his full concentration was presently at cricket.

However, he added, that if he went ahead with any project, only Preity would star opposite him in the movie.

Well, it was not just films and Preity that Gilchrist talked about. He also recalled his little experience that he had with Hindi while shooting for an advertisement last year.

Talking about the product that he had come to endorse, Gilchrist said that the shoes were attractive as well as good to look at.



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