Misses in the Masters’ story

or his film Masters, Anil Sharma has envisioned a Deol-packed star cast. He is so adamant to make this dream come true that despite having Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby already on-board, he wants to include Abhay as well.

Sharma has also keyed in on his pick for the female characters. We hear that Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra are most likely to join the Deol men in Masters, which goes on floors soon.

A source close to the film told Mumbai Mirror, “There are three slots which are still vacant. Sharma has previously worked with Preity and Priyanka in The Hero. And so he would love to have both the actresses on-board again.”

When asked why Abhay is also being considered, the source added, “Masters is a big budget film and Sharma is leaving no stone unturned.

Till date, Abhay has never done a film with Dharmendra, Sunny or Bobby. Now, it remains to be seen whether Sharma will be able to pull off this casting coup.”Anil Sharma remained unavailable for comment.



6 Responses to Misses in the Masters’ story

  1. Perez says:

    Woohoo..im too excited..bt m worried priyanka shouldn’t look better than my my n only mine preity…

    • Worship Elle says:

      Ha ha ! Do not worry about that. Both priyanka and pz look beautiful. In every frame , their look will gret justice 🙂 ! But lets not speculate about it ! You never knoq if its true or not !

      • perez says:

        ya exactly! would rather have preity officially declare it. or the producers!
        shiney applying for reconsideration of his imprisonment sentence! would that be positive for Har Pal release?

      • Worship Elle says:

        I really dont think har pal will ever release. Its already taking years.. I wont be suprised if it takes another 10 yrs to release lol!

      • Worship Elle says:

        No. The harm is already done. He has. Reputation now and people will associate it whenever they see him. So, it will be bad for Har Pal. It is for everyone sakes better if the movie releases on DVD. It’s not fair to everyone maybe, but i truly think that this is a better solution.

  2. lolita says:

    i like the pairing of sunny and preity

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