Yuvi link-up zapped me: Preity Zinta

After their win against Chennai Super Kings on April 13, Preity Zinta told us, ‘I want to scream at the top of my voice!’

Were you nervous before the match?
Yes, I was. But then I managed to control it. It’s the fourth IPL, but things look so fresh. I’m ecstatic as we showed everyone that we are no less. I want to scream at the top of my voice, but can’t find any place. I’ll do it once I reach my hotel.

It’s a new team. What do you have to say?
It’s great. Our team composition is good and I have full faith in Gilly ( Adam Gilchrist). I’ve realized it now, it doesn’t make much of a difference when you have new faces. There’s no change in the excitement levels.

Do you miss your former players, particularly the face of the team, Yuvraj Singh?

Three years is too long a time. You tend to forge a deep bond with each player when they have been around for so long. I miss everyone, not only Yuvi. Sanga (Kumar Sangakkara) was a gem. Mahela too, was amazing.

What was going on in your mind during the bidding?

Nothing. It was an emotional moment, but you can’t help it. It’s pure calculation which has to be done very fast.

You had said you can’t afford Yuvi…
True. We had very little time, and till the time we did our calculations, he became too big. So we decided to drop the plan.

You had been linked with Yuvraj…
I was zapped when that happened. The issue was hyped even when there wasn’t anything. I feel sad when people jump the gun and get judgmental.

How has the IPL experience been so far?
It’s been fabulous. I enjoyed each moment. Yes, last year wasn’t easy. We went through a lot. From fighting a legal battle to dealing with stress, we had an overdose of everything. But rough patches made us strong. It taught us how you need to fight with conviction to emerge the winner. That’s why we are back in IPL.

Your team was up for sale once…
Well, if you ask me now, I will say never. C’mon, after so much hard work, we will never think of it. Team Punjab is our baby and who sells their children?

Aren’t you doing anything other than the IPL?
I’ve become a multitasker (laughs). I’ll be doing so many things at a time. However, my loyalties are with the team and I’ll travel for all the matches. I have this TV show happening, and there are two movies that are in the pipeline. I am super busy, but enjoying it.

Three of Punjab’s former players – Yuvi, Sanga and Mahela are now captains for separate teams…
Yes. Isn’t that amazing? I wish all of them success. See, we produce leaders (laughs).

Your mother and other relatives were also there for the April 13 match against Chennai Super Kings…
Yes they were. My mother is my best pal. She always tells me to be positive. I have asked mom to be with us for all the other matches as well.



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