“Never work with the man you date”- Preity in Filmfare – April 27, 2011

*Takes a deep breath* – finally, Filmfare featured a new photo shoot with a new interview of Preity. Fans have been tweeting the Filmfare twitter page for years, and as you see hard works pays off. Preity is featured in the latest issue of Filmfare magazine, and she looks stunning.

Besides the amazing pictures, there is an even better interview featured. Preity gets candid on dating, Salman Khan and Yuvraj Singh. It is a must read for every Preity fan! Go, and read it now!


5 Responses to “Never work with the man you date”- Preity in Filmfare – April 27, 2011

  1. zara says:

    can i know the cover for this issue? is it the one with madhuri???or the new edition??

  2. True,Preity is correct. If you date your co-worker then you miss the chance of romancing with your man. When there should be tqalks of love work interfares. Pretty wrell girl you are correct . Atta girl way to go.

  3. sharmila says:

    Is someone putting a gun to ur head and making u stick to IPL?? Double talk and double standards beats me

  4. deepak says:

    True..u shud not mix work and personal.And u have choice to break that. U shud sell ur IPL stake. Instead u keep saying u will never sell…all this double talk makes u look very gold diggerish. Show what u believe by action. Leave IPL then we can believe what u say is what u mean. Jhoothi makkar

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