Tusshar says sorry to Preity

Preity Zinta is furious with Tusshar Kapoor for his statement on Karan Johar’s TV show. In a still-to-be-aired episode, the host asked his guest ‘who comes to mind when I say the following things.’

One of the prompts was botox/cosmetic surgery, to which Tusshar repled: Preity Zinta. When this bit of news reached the actress, she was livid. She called Karan to complain and requested him to delete the offending question.

A source close to her says, “Preity doesn’t talk rubbish about anyone. She sees no reason why Tusshar, who she hasn’t even worked with, should take off on her without provocation.” Not one to take an insult lying down, PZ called Tusshar to fire him and demanded an apology. He told her that he regretted making the statement.

Tusshar confirms, “Preity called me. She was upset and I cleared my stand.” He clarifies why he made the comment on the show. “Everyone knows that Karan’s rapid fire round is just for laughs. You don’t even have the time to think when Karan puts you in the dock. Recently, I saw Preity’s picture in a magazine and she was looking stunning having lost a lot of weight. So, when Karan asked, Preity’s name just came out at the spur of the moment. There’s nothing more to it.” he says.

He continues, “I’ve loved Preity since Soldier. I didn’t mean to hurt her and I’m feeling bad that my comment turned into such an ugly controversy. I’m glad that we spoke and sorted it out rather than letting it snowball into something worse. I don’t even know what botox actually is, and why will I say something like this about someone who I truly respect.” When asked if the said question had been deleted, he said, “I don’t know. Maybe some of what I said might have been edited out,” the Golmaal actor concludes.



13 Responses to Tusshar says sorry to Preity

  1. zara says:

    personally i hate tushaar in koffee with karan.the way he talks, his comment about shahid etc…disgusting

    • perez says:

      hey zara..wat do u think now happens of Har Pal?

      • zara says:

        hey perez..i don’t know.. I doubt Har pal is going to be release at cinemas…may be the least they can do release it on dvd etc? who knows….this is so bad for preity,esha & dino who acted in it…=(

      • Worship Elle says:

        I know right 😦 its sad that their hard work is getting lost and also of te rest of the team. 😦

    • Listfesa says:

      why yaar? truth is bitter..learn to live with it. there will be many frustrations coming ur way…looks, age, no films,….yeah hons it hurts, we know

  2. andyM says:

    much ado about nothing!…..even non-celebrities take advantage of this procedure….such is the advance in the medical field.

  3. zara says:

    even here at Singapore’s papers are talking bout shiney’s case and the film which seems never gonna be screening on cinema..poor preity..and US!! haha

  4. Amar Singh says:

    dis bloody tushaar has no right to say anything…he himself is such a big flopper!!!!

  5. perez says:

    what about the yash chopra directorial venture..which he was going to take preity in.. seems katrina is going to do that film with srk!!!
    just betting that the international film project that gossips say preity has bagged comes true!

    • Worship Elle says:

      I only know that Preity has some movies in her pocket, but she wants the producers to make the annoucements. I dont know why … 😦

      • perez says:

        do u mean movie or movies? Preity is cautious and it is very well..

        btw preity toh even knows u! how lucky! i tweet her bt never got a reply yet!

        i hope she remembers me that i was one of the three fans who won in Lift Kara De. n u c the one who won the interview with her or the other who stood 2nd..both aren’t around cz they werent as crazy as me for preity..thier marketing skills helped thm win!

        i really wish she gets a role to play on Sonia Gandhi..

      • Worship Elle says:

        Haha Perez! I doubt it that she forgat you! Believe me, she has an elephant memory. I hope I receive the latest interview of Preity soon! She talks with the editor of Filmfare on movies. So maybe in that interview there is anything on it! Keep tweeting! She def. read all the tweets she gets on her page.

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