Preity’s officially back in films

I’m officially back in films , says Bollywood beauty Preity Zinta, who wants to see Team India kissing the World Cup trophy

Back To Basics
All her fans wondered if Preity Zinta had bid goodbye to films when she chose IPL and studies over Bollywood. But if you ask her today, she hadn’t really. “I just took an 18 months off from films. And I knew I would be back to do what I was originally famous for – films. And yeah, I am back to work,” she told us on her recent city visit. “Apart from ” Guinness World Record Ab India Todega”, I am shooting for commercials and considering a film script. You will see me in a movie soon. I am hearing some great scripts, meeting people with whom I want to work again. Now, I have all the time and the inclination. I had actually lost the interest sometime ago,” she explained.

I Am My Own Factory

Before we could throw at her another question, she popped up in between and said, “You know, sometime back, a journalist asked me, ‘what really were you doing in cricket?’ I answered, do you take up another job as a journalist or you are just a journalist. When I was doing cricket, I was just doing cricket. As an actor, I am my own factory, going on the sets everyday. I am a focussed person. It’s not possible to do two things amazingly well at the same time. And now, as I said, I’m officially back to the same grind, with just a little bit of cricket thrown in between.”

World cup? No. Ipl? Yes.
So, would she be seen at Mohali in the Indo-Pak clash today or, hopefully, if India wins, cheering for India in the World Cup finals? “I have a very little interest in the World Cup. But if you ask me IPL, the answer is yes, with a big nod. But I really want to see Team India holding the winning trophy in their hands and kissing it,” she laughed. Any preference for any cricketer? “All my preferences to all my Kings XI Punjab players. I give them all my good energies and love to get home the IPL trophy. No one in particular.”

Films, Gym & Exams
But what after Harvard? Nothing really… “No, I have used my knowledge, logic, experience, whatever I had learnt there in whatever I am doing now. Acting is one of the toughest jobs. It’s not easy as everyone thinks. Preparation for a film is equally tough like getting prepared for your exams. Right now, I am busy hitting the gym every morning, which is like half preparation for me (laughs).”



One Response to Preity’s officially back in films

  1. Johnny says:

    She’s been saying that for months and possibly years. I think no one wants to hire her anymore sadly.

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