Preity only wants good-looking men

“There’s a group in the press that’s desperate to link me with just about anyone they spot me with. I’d like to tell them, if they’re keen to link me, it better be a hot guy, not some random creature whom they spot,” retorts actor, and now, TV anchor Preity Zinta who hosts Guinness World Records-
Ab India Todega on Colors.

“Sometimes, I’m iffy about socialising even with my closest friends because I don’t want them or myself to be embarrassed by some nasty gossip item in the papers or on some channel the next day.”

She recalls that she had even been linked to a couple of her gay friends when she resurfaced after two years of her self-imposed hiatus, when all she focused on was her IPL team, Kings XI Punjab. “I was with one of my gay friends at some concert. The next morning, a newspaper said that I’m not single any more and dating my friend, who’s a queen,” Preity says. “I wouldn’t like to name him, but he was mortified. He called me and we had a long chat about this episode. It took some effort to cheer him up. The mentality is so ridiculous, that if a single girl and guy are socialising, they’re an item.”

Preity was also linked to Kristian Tuefel, one of the adjudicators on her reality show from the Guinness World Record organisation when she took the team, a mix of foreigners and Indians, to the Bryan Adams concert in the city. “Kris was taken aback. He didn’t know what had hit him because he’s not used to such attention. He met me on the sets. I just asked him to chill and not pay heed to such stories. Clarifying is the last thing anyone wants to do here,” the dimpled star retorts.

So, does she plan to change her single status again any time soon? “The day I’m serious about someone, I’ll speak about it openly. And I’m not claiming something I’ve not done in the past. I was pretty cool talking about my previous relationship too. But before I do that, I just feel people should hold their horses,” says Preity with a smile. “I’m totally over my last relationship. I’d definitely want to have a partner. But if my family and I are not in a hurry, why is everyone else so eager?”


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  1. hi,preity good morning once girls a perfect partner this is blessing for you meet you heart man

  2. pARMOD KUMAR says:


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