Preity surprises Abhishek!

In February 2009, actor Abhishek Bachchan created a world record for the maximum number of cities visited by a film star in 12 hours. It made him the first Indian film star to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records and an excited Abhishek had dedicated the feat to the people of India. The actor to first create a similar record was Hollywood star Will Smith, while promoting Hitch when he visited different cities in 12 hours. Actors Jargen Vogel and Daniel Bruhl of Germany broke Will’s record and then Jr B took over. Jr B relived that moment as he went on the sets of a reality show, hosted by actor Preity Zinta who was all set to shock him. And she was pretty successful in her attempt too — PZ handed Abhishek the record holder’s certificate for his achievement. A source on the sets said that Jr B was taken aback because he didn’t expect a simple promotional trip to end up becoming another memorable experience for him. Now that’s what we call a record breaking surprise!



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  1. its superb….

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