Preity, Shiney are under threat

The makers of the Preity Zinta- Shiney Ahuja starrer Har Pall saw a glimmer of hope when the maid accusing him of rape turned hostile in the court of law.

They began gearing up for a quick release and called their actors to shoot the final three scenes left when suddenly they had to shut down the film again. Top industry sources reveal that the makers are under threat from a Mumbai political party that’s instructed them to not release a movie that has a ‘rapist’ in the lead.

An informer from the production confirms, “Even before the court could give its verdict, some members of this right wing aggressive party have decided that Shiney is guilty. We have got an intimation from them to not release the film. The party has threatened a nationwide protest, in which theatres and distributors will be targeted. Under such circumstances, the makers are not willing to take any chances, actors are scared to talk about the film and theatre owners are not willing to screen it.”



3 Responses to Preity, Shiney are under threat

  1. zara says:

    rubbish!! then what will happen to other actors effort in making Har pall? If Shiney is not guilty then why do people still need to accuse him as a rapist??

    • perez says:

      exactly! and it’s unbelievable to c girls of my college too declaring that the flm shdnt be released cz it has a rapist in the lead! it is ludicrous to fling off the sweat n blood others have put into the film!

      i hope preity’s film does release. going by her track record of never fearing threats!

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