I used to beat up boys: Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta has been away from screens for almost two years. And she says it was a deliberate move as she was concentrating on strengthening her cricket business. And as she decided to finally make her way back to entertainment she has chosen it will be through her debut TV show Guinness World Record: Ab India Todega. The show kicks off today – Friday, March 18 and the ever effervescent actress spoke to us about her TV stint, working in films and some bits about her personal life.

Guinness World Records marks your entry into TV but this is not first show offered to you. What kept you off TV for so long?
For the last two years my focus was only cricket. My job was to take care of a startup and hence I did not want to take up any films or TV. I did get offered a lot of TV shows but I don’t enjoy going to dance shows as a judge because neither am I the best dancer on the planet and neither does it inspire me. GBR excited me. And 2011 was supposed to be my comeback year. All my filmmaker friends were asking how long I am going to stay away!

Your decision to stay away was rather spontaneous!
Yes my decision to jump into cricket at the peak of my career and staying out of films for so long is rather spontaneous. That’s how I got into films too. I remember Shekhar Kapur lecturing on what it is like to be an actress and a star.

What got you so excited about this TV Show?
The fact that Indians were going to break records worldwide and that this was a global platform and it was going to put me face to face with real people and not stars! Also I love adventure. I have done everything from bungee jumping to scuba diving to sky diving. I have done karate, rife-shooting, horse riding – I have been more of a tomboy. So I think this show suited me. I would have felt suffocated if I was supposed to dress up and sit.

Tell us more about the tomboy that you were?
I think I am the only heroine who has a fracture or a cut or a bruise or a tape on all her pictures from childhood. I don’t want to show those photographs to anyone but they had once been shown on a show called Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai where my friends betrayed me and gave away all information!

And how did you injure yourself so often?
Beating up boys! The age difference between me and my elder brother and me and my younger brother is one and half years. And till the age 12-13 a girl is like a boy only, especially if she grows up with boys! You know, I learnt to be say things right on a person’s face from guys. I sort out things there and then and forget it, unlike other women who keep silent and keep it inside them.

Have you beaten guys after growing up?
Yes I have. In Delhi… Oh yes! I have done it once in Mumbai too. But then you should also know how to run when you hit someone. Don’t wait there and be a commando!

Getting back to work, how different is shooting for TV when compared to film?
At a film set you are forever waiting for your shot. Whereas in TV you have to wait hours before you get a break so that you can go to the loo! It is standing constantly on your feet. And also you don’t know what to say when people say something to you. If somebody says something and puts you in a spot you can’t do anything!

What do you mean by ‘put you in a spot’?
Sometimes the people who come to the show are really cheeky and ask things that a journalist would never ask. But you can’t say anything to them. I hope Miditech (the production company) has not taken my close-ups on such situations as I would wait for someone to cut the shot. But of course there would be no cuts as this is a TV show so things would just roll.

Have you told them to edit away such moments?
Of course I have told them. But do you think they will listen to me? See I follow a simple rule – When you sign me as an actress, don’t teach me how to act. Just show me the direction. Similarly when I don’t have to teach people how to do thing when they have been working in TV for 20 years!

And how do you emotionally deal with situations when you have participants shoving knives into their mouth?
I freak out leaving my mouth open! There is this one guy who put swords into his mouth. While he was doing it he had tears coming out and I was a bit scared. But I guess it is mind over matter! You realize there is so much to human resistance than what we know. During the Kargil war there was this guy who got shot eight times at 23000 feet and after that he went up and down that mountain rescuing people and still survived. And if you put that into a movie you will think it’s too filmy. I got to know about this as I had researched Kargil before doing Lakshya.

Talking about yourself, you look fitter since we last saw you.
Yes I have been working on myself since I decided to get back to entertainment. When you are acting and in front of the camera and you know you have to wear a short skirt or your midriff is showing you don’t want to be looking bad. But in cricket it was all about wearing jeans a t-shirt. I had put on seven kilos!

Finally, any details on the movies?
There some very cool ones but the producers will announce.



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    wanna hear da announcements asap!!!!

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