Khadoos or sweet?

Oi oi.. what is this I’m hearing now? A parinda from Andheri’s Lokhandwala Complex has dropped in to share with me a nugget on Preity Zinta. The effervescent actor, who’s hosting the Indian version of the Guiness World Records show, seems to be enjoying teaching Hindi to her angrez colleague, Chris.

Seems she’s told Chris that ‘khadoos’ means a sweet person and the bechara ignoramus is going around telling everyone he meets that they are ‘so very khadoos.’ While those at the receiving end are taken aback, Zinta bursts into laughter every time he calls someone ‘khadoos.’

Predictably, she couldn’t escape it either, for every time she says something to him, he states that Zinta is the most khadoos gal he’s ever met. Of course, she’s not in the least amused. But thank God for small mercies, she’s sporty enough to laugh it off. After all, such is life dearies.



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