Stronger now

Preity Zinta, 36, talks about her television debut and having survived a difficult personal phase.

What convinced you to accept the offer to host Guinness World Record Ab India Todega?
(laughs) It is a record breaking show. I have been getting TV offers for the past five-six years. I didn’t have time. Nothing grabbed my attention then.
Talk shows are too personal because so much about your own life emerges through them. I am an adventurous person and when I heard about this show, I had to give it a shot.

All your friends from the industry (Shah Rukh, Salman, Abhishek, Amitabh) have hosted TV shows. Did you ask them for tips?
They told me to relax and be myself. Whoever met me said do what you want.

When will you return to the big screen?
You will see me in movies this year.

Why have you turned down scripts in the past few years?
I was busy over the past six months with the court cases and the fights with BCCI. Before the IPL, I can shoot for the show. IPL follows, and then I will take a month off before shooting for my film.

You made a successful transition from acting to entrepreneurship.
Earlier, I never had the courage to try something completely different. Once I was at the top of my game and opportunity came, I said, ‘I want to try this.’ I could have done it a bit differently by doing one film a year at least. But I got so consumed by various things that I did not have time for anything else.

Are you in touch with people from the industry?
Of course. I always meet filmmakers who call me for script narrations and politely say, ‘Not right now, later’. I listen to every script and that’s why they have always been nice to me. You can never forget where you have come from and the people who have helped you get there.

Have you refused any exciting projects?
I have said no to most of the major releases that have done extremely well. It is not in my personality to say I was offered this and that.

Any regrets?
None. In the past 10 years, I have done big films, given big hits. I was never a B grade or C grade actress. I started with Dil Se. I am the only actress in my generation to have worked with Yash Chopra. I have been very lucky. I have never seen crazy failures in films. I did see a difficult side of life personally and it has made me tougher, stronger and smarter. I hope.

When your IPL team Kings XI Punjab came under the scanner, how did you deal with the allegations?
There were allegations against all the teams. We emerged clean, and had the court to back us. After all these investigations and after people pointing fingers at us, we went to court and won fair and square. I would have died of a heart attack if I had been accused of something that I have never done in my life.

Did you discuss issues with your business partner Ness Wadia?
I was in discussion with all my partners and there is no one in particular that I turned to.

What’s your involvement with the Kamal Amrohi property case?
I am not anybody’s legal heir, nor am I inheriting anything from anybody. I have a lot of respect for him and he is a gentleman. He was in a lot of trouble and I helped him. He asked me to help him. But people blew up the story. The only inheritance I will ever get is from my father.

But he publicly said he wants to give you his property.
Well, yeah! But I haven’t taken anything from him.

Are you in touch with Ness?
Why is he so important to everybody? It was over between us two years ago and you should let it be.

Is there a new man in your life?
No, not right now.

Have you turned celibate?
(Laughs) No, I am normal. If I meet someone, I am happy to have a chat. But I am not seeing anyone in particular right now.

Would you want to marry soon?
Of coure! I am like anybody else.


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  1. zara says:

    Aahhhh~…I like this one!! Preity ure correct,y Ness have becme so important to evrbdy?its been 2 years.haha

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