Preity gets busy again

I had a lot of time to kill so before heading for a spiritual session, I decided to visit the spa. Preity Zinta, who was sitting next to me, was in a chirpy mood after her IPL mess got sorted out. She was constantly grinning at me and was loudly talking about her plans to visit a new hotspot in Mumbai with her pals. And no darlings, Ness is not part of this group — they have broken up and just pretend to be friends. I decided to land up at the same venue with my friends just to keep tabs on her. Preity was in high spirits. We hear Preity has been signed as a brand ambassador for a foreign cosmetic company and is being paid a huge sum. Gosh, I am so jealous, all that meditation is not working. My guru is waiting to give me the much needed gyaan. So, alvida my lovelies, give my pranams to all at home.



2 Responses to Preity gets busy again

  1. andyM says:

    those pictures of preity & ness leaving the courthouse…..look like old times….happy days are here again??

  2. Perez says:

    Hope to c the ad of that cosmetics with preity in it..!!

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