Websites apologise to Preity!

Right after BT reported that Preity Zinta was harrowed after some websites falsely alleged that they have proof that she is into substance abuse, she emerged victorious against such baseless accusations.

Preity had threatened to sue the sites for fabricated news against her that was potentially aimed at damaging her brand and equity. She also demanded that the sites share the alleged picture that they claimed to have with them that is a proof of her consuming substance.

As expected, Preity — a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador — has got the result in her favour with all the sites apologising to her and yanking off the false article from their site.

A victorious Preity emphatically says, “Today anything can be written on a website. It was a defamatory article and we took proper action against it. I was ready to go all the way in case they wouldn’t have retracted their story. I don’t do any of the things that they accused me of doing and in no way could they have proven it otherwise. I’m happy that the truth is out in the open. There is one Delhi-based person who has been spreading this false news. All the articles have been pulled off from all the sites that have carried the news. All the siteshave apologised to me for not verifying information before they published it. The matter with them has been sorted.”



2 Responses to Websites apologise to Preity!

  1. ashiesh aryan says:

    dont worry preity I’m alwz wid u.
    I know u r right & I completely support U. I like the way u fought wid these anti-social elements.
    LuV U….mmmuuaaahhh ;*

  2. paulomi says:

    we are always with preity

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