Preity to attend ‘Women Mean Business’ in Mumbai

Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and founder of The Cherie Blair Foundation, is set to host a conference titled ‘Women Mean Business’ in Mumbai next week.

The conference this year aims to provide tangible solutions to problems identified in 2009. The emphasis this year is on the potential of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a tool for women to start and expand their businesses.

The Foundation aims to empower and promote women entrepreneurs by helping them to make the most of their economic potential.

The Foundation will incorporate the ideas generated during the conference to further their relationships with partner organizations in India, including NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) and ICRW (International Center for Research for Women), integrating the newly formed network of contacts and experiences.

The event speakers include Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, CMD, Biocon, Preity Zinta, actress, Nafisa Ali Sodhi, social activist and Reema Nanavaty, director SEWA and other prominent faces from all walks of life.



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    hmm.. thankx

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