Preity Zinta opens up on cricket, Ness and marriage

‘The only man in Bollywood’, who’s back on cinema screens this December, talks about the fight for her Indian Premier League team and more. The bold and beautiful Preity Zinta lives her life on her own terms. Whether it be giving statements against the underworld or challenging the Indian Premier League authorities in court, the Indian actress and cricket team owner has never shied away from raising her voice – which earned her the sobriquet of “the only man in Bollywood”.

Zinta, who is now focusing on her movie career once again after taking a break to support her IPL team, talks about work, love and her passion for cricket.

With Lalit Modi, Shlipa Shetty and Preity Zinta all out of the IPL, it seems next year’s event might be devoid of glamour?

I would speak for myself as I was not attached to IPL keeping glamour in mind. I was so much of me without make-up, in denim and a simple top, as I believe glamour lies in winning the match. Sports have always been of keen interest to me. My father had a dream to open a school to train children in all possible sports. I want to fulfil his dream and IPL was my first step in doing so.

The IPL team you are part owner of, Kings XI Punjab, moved the Bombay high court on November 11, challenging the decision of the Board of Control for Cricket in India to terminate its contract. Why did you have to go to the court?

Since it’s a court case I cannot speak much on it. I have full confidence in the court and hope that we will definitely get justice. Life is not always fair! Problems occur, but the fighter is the one who fights and moves ahead. I value self-esteem more than money. If I have to fight for something then I will definitely not step back. After all, the fruit of patience is sweet.

But your decision to change the captain of your team was not accepted. What’s your reaction?

It was a professional decision. So many teams had changed their captains, why don’t people talk about them?

But it was linked to a poor performance by the team subsequently?

Six top players of my team were injured, so how do you expect good performance? This was the real reason and nothing else.

You put your film career on stake for the IPL. Any regrets?

Life is all about your own choice. And my parents have taught me to regret for things that you have done and not for those that you have not done just for playing safe. If people think that I am comfortable doing films does not mean I think the same. I would live my life the way I want. I entered this industry without any famous surname or any recognition in the industry. I came from Shimla and got recognised as one of the top heroines without any compromise. It was just my hard work that paid off. What I wished is what I got. Then I stepped into another field, which was completely my choice.

But imagine the difficulties you’ve had to face…

Let things stand anywhere; I’ll make my own way, because I am a survivor. I have learned a lot from life. Such business is the equity, so human being has equity. I can say that in all these ups and downs, I’ve found myself.

You identify yourself when you are in trouble, not when you are destined for happiness. All these experiences will contribute to my future. I have made mistakes in films and in business. But life does teach all. I am very happy wherever I am today.

What do you intend to do next, games or movies?

The goal of my life is to keep my mother happy. My life just revolves around her and my close friends. When people around you are happy, then you are happy. As far as work is concerned, with so much talent and strength in me I’ll work more. Movies, business, charity, all!

So what do we have from you after this in terms of a film release?

“Har Pal” is coming next. It has been held up for a while. “Har Pal” is feel is my best role ever. It’s a film that is extremely original. It’s not inspired by any other film on this planet. It’s a very endearing and has very nice story. And I got work with Dharamji who I always dying to work with. There are also Eesha (Kopikkar) and Shiney (Ahuja) who have come up good performances. Career-wise this one film I am very excited about. Because this is the change I wanted. I wanted to do different films and I told all my other producers so. And they let me go.

How do you keep yourself so fit?

Compliment! I travel a lot, eat healthy and exercise. I had put on seven kilos during IPL but now as my shooting is scheduled I have been working out. I have shed five kilos for my role.

When do you plan to get married?

It is a very personal question. But whenever I’ll get married I will tell the whole world.

What about a possibility of getting back together with your ex, Ness Wadia?

That is my past and I don’t intend to go in my past as life is all about stepping forward.


4 Responses to Preity Zinta opens up on cricket, Ness and marriage

  1. Perez says:

    Im totally excited for har pal.hope preity wins awards for it n not kajol for mnik,WRF..nor ny other actress.i wish rani’s film wth aamir flops..ehh..god bless preity..may she win even more hearts tjan she’s dne so far.

  2. jaswinder says:

    Hey guys this too tooo much luks like questions given by Preity Zinta. Why can;t you guys make this more real?

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