“Beauty and Style comes from within”: Preity Zinta

The beautiful Preity Zinta believes that beauty comes from internal happiness. The stylish girl who also has a great sense of humour, shares her beauty and fitness mantra and says that she loves giving gyan on these issues.

Preity believes that:
Beauty shows up if you are really happy from within.
Completely distress yourself and practice at least one form of exercise daily.
Drink lots and lots of water at regular intervals
Try and have dinner before 8pm and strictly avoid midnight snacking.

On a lighter note, she says, “I follow every bit of these except the dinner part…” (guffaws)

Preity says that being stylish is about being what you are and not pretending to be someone else. On asking how she manages to be so fearless and confident about her action and reactions, she is quick to respond, “I believe in being honest and saying things that are true. I also feel that I act only in films and not in real life. Plus, it is easier to say the truth and remember it than to keep lying to save your face every time you are questioned.”

She says that her bubbly image has been exaggerated…“I think people like to exaggerate my bubbly image. O.K., I am a happy-go-lucky person but like anybody else I have my ups and downs. I am a normal human being who believes in living life to the fullest. That’s it!”



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