Preity Zinta to bare it all!

Preity Zinta has set her eyes on writing an autobiography and knowing how feisty and straightforward she is, it will be an explosive one.

TOI has learned that this decision comes after many publishers, including a top international publishing house, approached the sassy actress asking her for permission to appoint a writer to chronicle her biography. They apparently wanted Preity to reveal everything about her tryst with the underworld when she got extortion calls from the mafia, to her relationship with Ness Wadia and even to her recent IPL crisis.

However, Preity confirmed to BT that she has kept the mouth-watering cash offers at bay as she wants to pen her autobiography so that it has the quintessential Preity touch and tone. She wants it to read like she is narrating it and does not want it to reflect any other writer’s style. The actress, we also hear, is uncomfortable dishing out controversial details of her court case against the Indian mafia when she testified against them in the Bharat Shah case in 2003.

Preity’s life was at risk and she was given round the clock police protection as she was the only star who did not retract her statements in court unlike many other superstars. Preity, for her act of courage, was awarded a top bravery award of the country. But she isn’t willing to share her personal life with a biographer, especially details of her broken relationship with her business magnet ex-boyfriend Ness.

When contacted, Preity said, “I think no one but me has the right to write about my life as I want to write it in a particular way. I don’t think any other person will be able to tell the story of my life like how I have approached it. It works best when it’s written by someone who has experienced it herself. There are sensitive issues like the underworld, my relationships and several other personal facts that are within me which no one knows. I can’t think of giving access to them as I won’t be comfortable.”



2 Responses to Preity Zinta to bare it all!

  1. zara says:

    is this true?
    as wat i know pz dun like to share her personal life that much,well have to wait though thanx 4 e info!!

  2. paulomi says:

    love u pri

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