Fan Of The Month – June: Sunara: “was so busy watching her afterwards to notice I was actually bleeding!”

Congratulations to Sunara! The winner of Preity Zinta fan of the month! Read her story, to get the know one of the biggest fans around!

1. Who are you and where are you from?
Hi! I’m Sunara. A 21 year old from Sri Lanka:-)

2. How long have you been a fan of Preity?
From the time I was 8years old and saw the Perk & Liril ads.

3. What makes you Preity’s greatest fan?
Because that dimpled smile naturally brings a smile on my face too. Because she made me watch hours in-between TV shows just to see her ads, Because I have collected every single one of her 28 movies and 6 special appearances and can’t wait 4 Har Pal to release, because I have seen every single KXIP match just because she’d be there cheering them on. Because every time someone says something against her I pick up my weapons to battle so everyone around me knows how much I love her. Because it actually hurts to see a single article written in a way that’d hurt her. And I have never danced around so much as the first time she replied to me on Twitter!

4. Have you ever met her/seen her in real life?
Sadly no:( but keeping up hopes that one day I’ll get lucky enough to actually see my angel up close!:-).

5. What are your favourite Preity movies and why?
Salaam Namaste – I have watched this movie 89 times till date! Think she is so independent and I admire the difficult choice she makes later in that movie as a strong and modern woman. Looking ravishing in every frame of it too! And I love the styling in it! So chick and non filmy!

Kal Ho Na Ho – I just loved it. Maybe because of her bespectacled vulnerability in the movie

Veer-Zaara – she was soooooo beautiful in it! And it is a classic! One of a kind.

I love almost all her movies and in all these movies she was so convincing as ever in her amazing portrayals.

6. What is your favourite Preity movie line and why?
It may sound weird for me to pick this of Salaam Namaste. “You want to be free, you are free!”
But I just love the way she told it so straight forward n full of spunk!

7. Did you ever do something crazy for Preity?
Nothing drastic, but I collected all her movies, videos as much as magazines and posters.
But other than that I once hurt myself pretty badly when I fought my bro fought for the remote just to see her interview after one KXIP match (I won though he is twice my size!) and I was so busy watching her afterwards to notice I was actually bleeding! LOL!

8. What is the sweetest message you got from Preity on Twitter
I have been lucky enough to get 8 replies till now!! And I have saved each and everyone of them as screen shots! Here are three of them

9. In which way does Preity inspire you?
Simply by being herself. I loved those mischievous twinkling eyes and the ever flashing dimpled smile from the 1st glance. But when I was growing up it’s her amazing personality that made me love her so much more. She was life a breath of fresh air in a glamour world where women were just seen and not heard. Her frank candid, unpretentious and effervescence nature and the way she stood up for women’s rights, her activities against female feticide and child trafficking. She truly cares about these causes and you can feel it. Her style, her manners, and positive outlook towards life her boldness truly inspired me. Above all she never lies and stands up for what she believes in – and the point drove home for me too.

10. Last but not least, what is your message to Preity?
Just stay uniquely because god took off the wings of his most beautiful and sweetest angel and sent her to earth to us. And on earth she was named Preity! So that angel never needs to change because she is simply perfect as she is. Love you so much. Wish u every best thing in life! I get a smile on my face when I see the trademark ‘ting’ on Twitter because that means my angel is happy and it makes me happy to know that she is happy 🙂


18 Responses to Fan Of The Month – June: Sunara: “was so busy watching her afterwards to notice I was actually bleeding!”

  1. partha says:


  2. shahad says:

    oh , how sweet congratulation sunara ^^
    we all love preity so much and wait her new films
    god bless u preity =)

  3. sunara says:

    thank u very much 4 the wishes partha n shahad n Wandena i love u so much for making this such lovely thing happen to me! ting!:D

  4. Amar........ says:

    congs Sunara….
    iam so so touched by ur answer n loved each n every line of ur interview!!!!
    n iam dying to watch ”har pall” too……….

  5. sunara says:

    thanx Amar!that was really sweet of u:-)
    n aww can’t wait 2 see Har Pal..ts been too long..*sigh*

    • Amar........ says:

      now da 1st thing i will be doing tomorrow is to follow u asap on twitter……
      as i jst adore all da pz fans n iam sure dat all pz fans(real ones) can have awesome compatibility!!!

    • perez says:

      hey sunara pls pls pls do tell preity to do a film playing sonia gandhi..
      hey m d biggest male preity fan..
      i took part in lift kara de,<was one of the three.. check out the videos..perz from ahmedabad..
      pls do reply ,me if possible

      • sunara says:

        hello there..
        well so u won that lucky signed stuff!wow wow wow!
        well u try telling her too..but in the 1st place um when is such a film being made on Sonia Gandhi?n by whom?

  6. sunara says:

    @Amar ya sure my username is princessunara..would follow u too cz t sure s fun 2 meet any1 else who love her as much:-)

  7. Pooja says:


    • sunara says:

      thanx Pooja:-)

      • perez says:

        hey sunara.. first off all m thrilled u relied cz u a celeb for me now cz u actually chatted wd preity isnt it!!!
        ya got that signed stuff..the watch.. but i wonder if it is authenticated.. cz the sign is in the dial..n that watch isnt of good make..
        hey i have sent a tweet requesting n begging her to do that film tleast 20times!!!! believe me..
        so did u c the shoe lift kara de?
        pity that i dint win eventhough i was in real terms the biggest fan.. the other two guys havemnt seen a single preity film after jhoom barabar jhoom.. u must must must c Heroes where preity has given her career best perfoirmance.. n my god she looks so so so elegant..

        would u mind replying on if thats ok with u..

        pls pls u do try to tell her abt those two films.. i had sent a letter to abhust the winner of tat lift Kara de bt he said they dint allow him to gve her the letter..

        jagmohan mundhra had first conceived the film with preity in mind in 2005 when she was at cannes,,,t she declined saying that she wasnt worthy to play smeone as graceful n dignified as sonia gandhi..ehhh.ehhh.. i also regret very bad she dint do film Paani wd shekhar kapoor.. Lagaan…Rang De basanti.. ifeel bunty aur bubbly shd have been made with her…diont u..

  8. perez says:

    sorry for the numerous speling mistakes…

    • perez says:

      infact jagmohan mundhra revived the Sonia gandhi film plan back recently.. bt he was also considering Katrina for it.. and some time ago Monica Belluci was touted to be covetuous for the role..

      i guess preity should do sch films..i have a lot of tension n anger building up in my ,ind and more so with kareena now ruling the film industry.. i hate her since the day she had tiff with preity long back..

      if only preity had done RDB and lagaan n even Omkara.. all these films she declined.. bt i console myself in one fact and that is that i believe preity is intell8igent and knows what uis she doing..
      her rhinoplastytoo hasnt gone down well with me.. bt i choose to be patient and trust her n pray everyday that she smashes all the current heroines with some powerful performances n films.. Amen…!!!

      • sunara says:

        oh well though i so totally loved her in Heroes i dnt want her to do any more Art films 4 sm time..i want to see her laughing n showing her adorable dimples again n full blown commercial films..
        so i guess wt we wanna see f her s quite different..

  9. chanda says:

    hi sunara congrats 4 ur win
    Im also huge fan of Preity zinta..omg ur interview is just awesome felt like how much u adore her..i also can’t stop myself watching her movie,commercial,interviews and ipl..i read her every interview and watch her show..u know what i like more about her is that she is not only a good actress but a nice human

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