Preity Fan Of The Month Question: June

Welcome to the first edition of Preity Zinta Fan Of The Month! If you are not familiar with the concept, read more here.

The question for this month is:

How would the world look like if Preity Zinta would be the boss?

You have to reply @PZFC on Twitter. I will not approve if you reply in the comments! So all DIE-hard fans, go for this and watch this space next week for the winner (June 11th, 2010)!!! Be creative, witty and original!! Good luck ya’all!!

Please make sure when your reply @PZFC your answer ad #PZFC to your post, this make it easier to find your post.

GO Preity fans!!!

THE WINNER OF FAN OF THE MONTH JUNE IS Sunara Arunasiri Click to read her story


7 Responses to Preity Fan Of The Month Question: June

  1. sunara says:

    oh so basically it has to be a very short answer 4 it to fit in to a Twitter comment?
    well just a small suggestion..can’t we have a lil longer answer submission section in email or smthin..
    anyway looking forward to answer:D

    • Worship Elle says:

      Thanks Sunara. No, not through e-mail or longer because that would be to complicated for me to keep on track. And the idea actually is to say is less words your creative mind how you feel on PZ. That’s actually more the challenge!

  2. sunara says:

    ya ya!i agree.hehe i personally might end up writing an essay!:p.
    anyway looking forward to see who won!im sure thr r so many good answers!:D

  3. ariya says:

    Hi! Preity She working women and the best actress. She’s actress in my heart.

  4. sapna says:

    hiiiiiiiii preity
    u 9,ur face dimple nd ma dimple r mostly same…………

  5. I wud Luv to be her sLaVe !!!!

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