Gurinder Chaddha on Preity Zinta

She is the Punjab di kudi and is full of energy. I really want to work with her some day. She suits all my characters perfectly. I like her a lot, especially her dimples. I would like to meet her some day and have a nice long chat with her



4 Responses to Gurinder Chaddha on Preity Zinta

  1. Munish says:

    A selfmade sher for priti:parwaano sai teri Loo main jalnay ka shauk farmaatey hain,hum teri mohabat main deewaaney huey jaatey hain..

  2. shahad says:

    oh how sweet , i ‘m not Surprised cus everyone loves preity and her dimples , i hope preity work with her

  3. Pooja says:

    totally agree, she is an awesome personality

  4. Amar says:

    wish she works wid her….
    i think pz is bound to get international acclaim!!!

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