Preity Zinta on IPL controversy


4 Responses to Preity Zinta on IPL controversy

  1. sunara says:

    she was absolutely amazing!she cleared many vital issues n clarified their team’s standing!it’s exactly wt we expected 4m the straightforward n truthful preity we know.
    a politically correct yet addressing vital issues..
    proud of her!

  2. ashiesh says:

    i’ve alwz luved preity, not only for her acting skills, bt also for her bold n b’ful nature, for her braveness, for her guts, for the fact tht she’s alwz know wt she’z doin’.
    very few ppl, n mostly celebs, hv this kinda attitude.

    go preity go…;)

  3. Sunil Haridass says:

    Preity you were fantastic in the ndtv interview. Keep it up!

  4. Terry says:

    I am not from this country, but was truly impressed with Preity’s poise and composure while dealing with a very volatile subject, close to the hearts of many Indian people.

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