Lee’s manager dismisses ‘link-up’ with Preity Zinta

Brett Lee’s manager has dismissed reports that the Kings XI Punjab fast bowler is romancing his IPL team co-owner Preity Zinta, saying they shared a strictly professional relationship.

Lee’s manager Neil Maxwell said the paceman and the Bollywood actress have been friends for years but never involved in any relationship other than professional.

“Brett presented her with an acting award in England some years ago and they’ve been friends since. She is a very intelligent lady and very nice too,” Maxwell was quoted as saying by ‘Daily Telegraph’.

Asked if Lee, who separated from his wife Liz Kemp nearly two years ago, is dating, Maxwell said, “I think with the media sniffing around, he has reason to keep his night life as quiet as possible.”



5 Responses to Lee’s manager dismisses ‘link-up’ with Preity Zinta

  1. sunara says:

    well i dnt knw y media can’t let them keep thr personal lyf 2 themselves! n when PZ says she isnt dating bret she s telling the truth..
    nywa yup they knew each other 4m those IIFA awards 2004 days when he wanted 2 watch her practice n all..
    bt lol they sure do make a cute pair:D

  2. Stef says:

    It seems the media can come up with anything these days. Just cause she gives him a hug when he plays well, which she does with every player, doesn’t mean anything other than well done, I’m proud of you or something along those lines. Don’t they know that men an women can be just friends.

  3. michael says:

    any idea who preity is dating now ? do all celebrities marry other celebs only ? you never hear a celeb dating a normal working class person or any ordinary person…

  4. Amar.... says:

    these press ppl shud b hanged to death….
    iam saying this bcoz they r continuing with these daily n dunb news jst to gather cheap ppl’ attention….

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