Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab: Preview

Do the Kings Eleven Punjab have any chance against the Mumbai Indians when both the teams meet on Tuesday in the IPL3? Nine out of ten may tell ‘no chance’. But hold on! cricket is a funny game and not known for that certain a result. Okay, the Punjab team have lost five out of six matches in the IPL3. Agreed, that Mumbai Indians have lost just once in the six outings. Still, if the result goes on the expected lines cricket would be boring.

With the strength Mumbai Indians are going they would like to erase the memories of last year loss to the Kings Eleven Punjab in IPL2. MI had lost the match by three runs in the exciting last over.

Anyway, back to the field. The Kings Eleven Punjab starts the match with a ‘positive’ of loosing its captain Kumar Sangakkara who is facing a one-match ban due to slow over rate. It may prove a welcome break for Kumar Sangakkara as his performance has been a complete disaster. The absence of Sangakkara gives Mahela Jayawardene the chance to lead the Punjab team. Though Jayawardene too has been a great disappointment for the team but it would hope to get a turnaround.

Semifinalist of the first edition of the IPL the Punjab team’s biggest problem seems to be its top order batting. It is not only Sangakkara and Jayawardene whose performance is below par but even the evergreen Yuvraj Singh’s contribution is lackluster. The Punjab team tried Irfan Pathan in the opening and failed. In fact they have tested four options and unfortunately none worked. Now as Shaun Marsh is back we may well see the fifth pair at the opening. If it works they would like to settle with it. The Punjab team should also expect some good work from Yuvi too. MS Bisla is too due for a good score.

In the bowling department Brett Lee’s first match show was not that inspiring but he is capable of bring sudden good result. Juan Thoran should be back and this would give bolster the bowling of the Punjab team.

Poor Preity Zinta! She has to keep hoping against the hope. She should hope that this is the match where Sachin Tendulkar fails. She should also hope that the likes of Zaheer Khan and Lasith Malinga loose the momentum. And finally she should hope that somebody from her team do like what Harbhajan Singh did for the MI in the last match against the Deccan Chargers and that too at the top order. After all, it costs nothing to hope big and there is nothing like hoping realistically.



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