Bollywood actresses, brothers face-off as Punjab, Royals clash

Two leading Bollywood actresses will be up against each other while two famous brothers who share deep bonds of love off the field will see that change into fierce rivalry when Kings XI Punjab take on Rajasthan Royals in IPL 3 Twenty20 clash on Wednesday.

Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty, Bollywood stars and owners of the Punjab and Royals team respectively, will be rooting for their sides, as the two would be desperately looking for a win to stay afloat in the competition.

Though Preity can make millions heart skip a beat, this time she will have to try harder as Shilpa-Shamita (Shilpa’s sister and actress) combine will also captivate and sweep the fans of the feet.

Though Mohali is Preity’s home turf, Shilpa and Shamita, too, will definitely act as crowd pullers.

Also, it would be a treat for fans as Pathan brothers – Irfan and Yusuf – will be pitted against each other, as the duo represent Punjab and Royals respectively.

While Irfan specialises in lethal bowling, Yusuf will be looking to dispatch his brother out of the park.

After the Royals arrived in the afternoon on Tuesday, the brothers shared a meal together at a Chandigarh hotel where the two IPL teams are staying.

When some reporters caught up with Irfan and posed some questions on what one can expect tonight, he quipped, “I am keen to get the bhai’s (brother) wicket”.

Yusuf, who has emerged as dangerous batsman in this format of the game and having already scored a 37-ball 100 earlier on, he too, is not going to show any leniency towards Irfan.

Having seen them grow together, on Wednesday is surely going to be a difficult choice to make for the Pathan brother’s parents as to who they will support. May be, they would hope that Yusuf is not around when Irfan is bowling.

Kumar Sangakkara-led Punjab side is placed at number seven spot in the points table while Shane Warne-led Royals are languishing at the bottom.



One Response to Bollywood actresses, brothers face-off as Punjab, Royals clash

  1. sunara says:

    go panjab!!best f luck n love all f u guys..bring home a rocking win 2day!:D

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