Preity Zinta says no to Amrohi inheritance

Bollywood actor Preity Zinta, who is an “adopted daughter” of Shandar Amrohi, eldest son of late movie moghul Kamaal Amrohi, said she would not accept inheritance of a property, believed to be worth Rs 600 crore, from Shandar, who is fighting his siblings in the court over the riches.

The property is now caught in a bitter row of inheritance among the siblings and Preity Zinta got involved after she helped Shandar, 66, file a police complaint. Preity Zinta on Thursday told a popular News channel that she would not accept any inheritance from the Amrohis.”I won’t accept the Kamalistan (Kamaal Amrohi studio) share from Shandar,” Preity was quoted by the channel. “From where do you get all these news?” she asked the journalist when quizzed on the inheritance and gave a firm “no” to her possibility of accepting the property.

Shandar Amrohi, who has been quoted as saying that he wants to bequeath the property to Preity Zinta, had filed a complaint against sister Rukhsar and nephew Waseem with the Khar police.He alleged forgery and theft of share certificates pertaining to family property, the channel said. Shandar, his brother Tazdar and sister Rukhsar are also battling over the property in Bombay High Court.Media reports said Shandar had filed the case alleging that Rukhsar and her son Waseem have fraudulently pledged his shares in Mahal Pictures Pvt Ltd (that owns the Kamaal Amrohi studio) to a company in Pune.

On Friday the High Court ordered that Rukhsar and her son should maintain status quo, according to reports.Shandar had approached Khar police on Wednesday to file a case of forgery against Rukhsar and Waseem and it was at that point Preity Zinta got involved.

She helped him file the case though the actor tweeted how it was difficult to lodge an FIR in India and how she could do so after many days’ effort and long wait in the police station. She later reposed faith in police.



One Response to Preity Zinta says no to Amrohi inheritance

  1. saurabh says:

    Imaginary inheritance?? Preity u seem to have gone senile!

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