Preity will make paranthas for us: Yuvi

Talk about Punjab, and its famous mouth-watering ‘aloo-ka-paratha’ is sure to pop up in the conversation. And if the tete-e-tete involves cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Kings XI Punjab’s co-owner Preity Zinta, it certainly adds an extra zing in the paranthas.

Still confused about connection between Preity, Yuvi and aloo-ka-paranthas?

When scribes quizzed Preity Zinta about her team’s strategy in the upcoming IPL-season III, Punjab-da-puttar Yuvi stepped forward, replying in chaste Punjabi, “Strategy nahi, eh (Preity) sade vaste aloo-de-paranthein banaogi.”

What followed was an outburst of laughter. Standing next to Yuvi, she quickly replied, “I support my team wholeheartedly. Haan! Well, Yeh jo bol raha ki maine ladkon ko khana khilati hoon… Well, I make sure sab thik hai, acha khelen. Strategy banane ke liye toh yeh hain (pointed towards team’s skipper Kumar Sangakkara),” said Zinta.



One Response to Preity will make paranthas for us: Yuvi

  1. sunara says:

    that was just so cute!!!hehe..wish there was a video..btw is there a video?does anyone know?f so pls pls pls help!!sos:D

    n those cricketers r soooooooooo luckyyy!!!wish i was even half as lucky..*sigh*

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