Priety Zinta is gearing up for the action-packed IPL matches

IPL comes back to India. A reason to rejoice of course! So, now we get to see ‘entertaining cricket’, and of course, melodrama, juicy updates on Twitter, glimpses of Bollywood stars and divas cheering on the terrace, bouncers, Yorkers, sixers, howzzat – cricket can be so much fun. What say! And what has the dimpled beauty, Priety Zinta, hooked to every ball and run has to say about the action-packed days ahead.

“Fantastic,” comes the reply. “Home is where heart is, and we feel great that IPL has returned home amid fans and fanfare,” shares Preity, in the city to meet Chief Minister, Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal for the upcoming matches.

Cricket, cricket, and a lot of cricket, but Bollywood is missing its Zaara. She smiles, picks her notepad, digs into the neatly jotted notes regarding her team details, “Yes, yes, I am out of the action for a long time. I thought I would do movies last time, but then the action shifted to South Africa. Now, it’s come back here. No time for a balancing act,” she adds.

Follows her explanation, “I don’t think I would be able to do justice. Besides, if I sign a project, the producer and director would want me to shoot immediately. How on earth will I shuttle from the location of shoot, which could be Greece to India? Once, I am done here, I would get back into action.”

But is not it true that out of sight is out of mind? “This does not bother me. I have been doing one or two films in a year, which say about my acting. And I am sure when I spring back into action, I would again find a place in the hearts of my fans.”

Well, then till that time she can depend on Twitter for a direct connect between her fans. “Twitter,” she pauses, “Twitter is good. I went on Twitter because I came to know somebody was impersonating me. I also feel it is a good way to compact yellow journalism. So, many actors these days are on Twitter, for they also feel this is the best way to put our direct viewpoint in front of public. Barring aside the silly rumours on Tweets, this is a good thing. I just wish I have enough time to tweet,” chips in Priety, who feels she has enough understanding of cricket.

On a signing note, we play a soft ball, to which she hits a four. More movies on sports like Chak De, Iqbaal? “It is not about more movies on sports, it is about a good storyline that sends across the right message. If a film is made primarily on a sport, it would end up as a documentary. Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander was a good movie, with a good ‘sporting’ message. Story lines like these do the needful.” This one has definitely hit the boundary.



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