Preity excited about IPL back in India

I wish to visit Cuba before Castro dies and Brazil tops my ‘places to visit before I die’ list,” says Preity Zinta. “I want to visit all exotic places before I kick the bucket! I switch off my mobile as nothing can mar a perfect holiday like a phone that rings persistently.” Her travel addiction sees her in a new destination every year and she wraps up work before her holiday.

For Preity, travelling was not always a matter of choice as her father was in the army. “We were always on the move. From Kashmir to Kovalam to Mizoram, I got a chance to explore our incredibly beautiful country.”

African Safari

The actress, who co-owns Kings XI Punjab, is now focusing on the upcoming IPL season. “I am excited that the game is back in India and I looking forward to the matches in Dharamshala.” But South Africa had its own thrills, says Preity. “It was a lot of work as the home ground advantage was missing. People were very warm and whenever I was near the ground, they would chant ‘pretty pretty’.” she giggles. “But I regret one thing.

Going to South Africa and not going for a safari is almost blasphemy. My bodyguard went and got bitten by a lion cub. But as he narrated the tale, he cleverly stopped mentioning the word ‘cub’.”

Playing safe

When she is not travelling on work, Preity does not spend too much time planning the perfect holiday. Instead, she calls up her friends for advice. “I have a sweet barter system with my friends living abroad,” she reveals. “Even if I am not in the country, I make sure that my friends take care of my guests. So when I go abroad, they help me with hotels, sightseeing and the best restaurants.”

Travelling alone to a new place can be a challenge when you have to look out for yourself and Preity learnt that the hard way. “Ten years ago, I got mugged in a dark alley in London and ended up with a hairline fracture. The thief snatched my purse and jewellery, even the delicious pastries I had bought,” she laments. So now whenever she travels, she has a car, a driver and a security guard at her disposal.

Evenings in Paris

After London and Switzerland, Paris is on her list of favourites, she says. “Last July, I made a spur-of-the-moment trip from London with my fashion designer friend, Surily Goel. We indulged ourselves and stayed in the best and most luxurious hotel, George V, in Paris. I had a little pact with Surily — the days were hers and the evenings were mine. So during the day, Surily dragged me to every shop in the city and in the evening, we tried out new cuisines (since I love eating!).” For the zesty Zinta, Italy also is a favoured destination. “The best way to visit Europe is to travel to the quaint and beautiful towns. I love shopping in the cities though,” she laughs.

Fishy Tales

Paris, one of Preity’s favourite getaways
Closer home, Preity looks forward to short trips to Goa. “My most memorable Goan trip was the one with my parents. We explored the fascinating nooks and crannies of Old Goa. In the evenings, I would lie on the beach, staring at the stars. One day I was sitting on the beach, watching the fishermen take out their fresh catch. Though the sight was fascinating, I was appalled by the sight of dead fish being carted to be sold. I didn’t eat fish for ten years after that.”

Food forms a very important part of her travels. “I love trying out local cuisines but I always eat safe. I stay away from shellfish and red meat in an unfamiliar place,” says Zinta. But like all Indians, Preity can’t do without Indian food for long. “I can’t do without my parathas and kadi chawal for long and look for Indian restaurants abroad.”

The zing factor

Preity got her first taste of adventure sports when she went to Maldives for her good friend Ambika Hinduja’s wedding. “I tried deep sea diving for the first time and loved it. After that, I went bungee jumping in New Zealand. The adrenalin rush is amazing and the country is awesome with adventure sports options for everyone. I am definitely going back there to try out all other sports,” she added.



5 Responses to Preity excited about IPL back in India

  1. sunara says:

    wow wow wow!!its such a joy 2 read her going on abt smthn she passionately loves..her zest 4 life n all that comes with it just show with every word she utters..luv da way she lives her life..its a different joy 2 just even share a slice f her life like this in print..

    • Vaishika says:

      Haha,i was 1 of those ppl shouting her name last year at the was 1 of the best days in my life.wishing kxip everting of d best.gooo kxi punjaaaab!

      • sunara says:

        wow lucky u 2 live in SA!i wish i lived anywhere in india or SA cz then i’d hav deffa made t 2 da matches!n hope u get 2 cheer her on this time too:D

  2. partha says:

    this is the reason why preity stand apart from other bollywood actresses!!!

  3. Ali says:

    I wish that wherever preity goes i go with her but thats not possible but what can i do is just pray to my Allah that wherever she lives or go keep her happy.Her well wisher

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