Preity Zinta: “I can cook almost everything. Anyone who savours good food and has……”

Preity Zinta breezed in Kolkata to launch Emami Group’s edible oil brand ‘Healthy and Tasty’. The actor chats up with our correspondent on food and fitness.

It’s hard to see Preity Zinta as a brand ambassador of edible oil. What makes you to endorse an oil brand now?
Don’t sound so rude yaar (smile)! It’s not that I am endorsing a regular oil brand with loads of cholesterol and unhealthy stuffs.

Have you used this oil yourself?
Of course, yes! As I had the opportunity to use the oil, I am fully convinced that Healthy & Tasty will break the myth that health and taste cannot go hand-in-hand in food. On the contrary, maintaining a healthy lifestyle even by consuming tasty food will now be a certainty with the Healthy & Tasty brand. The brand will help any food sparkle with both health and taste.

Are you a foodie?
I love food. But I believe in quality not quantity.

What is your kind of food?
I swear by Indian food. Idli-dosas, chaat, chhola bhatura, kadhi chawal…you name it and I am ready to gorge on them. And also rasgullas…you can’t resist them especially when you are in Kolkata. And I prefer homemade food than that served in plush restaurants. Surprised!

Yes. A bit. But then, how do you manage to stay so fit…hours in the gym?
Kitchen is my gym. And so is for almost every Indian. I am extremely health conscious and so is my family. We actors lead a hectic lifestyle and have little or no time to hit the gym regularly. The only way we can stay fit is by eating healthy. But then, it doesn’t mean that I don’t work out at all. I do that whenever I get time.

Can you cook?
Oh yes! I am a very very good cook. Ask anyone who has tried my dishes and you will know.

What are the dishes you can cook?
I can cook almost everything. Anyone who savours good food and has a taste for different kinds of cuisine will invariably turn out to be a good hand in the kitchen.

Are you keeping your fingers crossed for your team Kings XI Punjab at IPL 3?
We are discussing food and from where does IPL drop in here? Anyway, no IPL and film queries please.

Okay. If not Yuvraj Singh, then tell us about Dhoni?

Yes. He is doing a TV-ad with you for this oil brand; isn’t it?
Oh yes! That way. (Smiles) I had a blast playing superhero with Dhoni in the Ad. It was a wonderful experience. He is fun.



2 Responses to Preity Zinta: “I can cook almost everything. Anyone who savours good food and has……”

  1. sunara says:

    hehe this was a cute da last 2 queries were fun!thnx 4 sharing:D

    waiting 4 da add!miss seeing her doing her regular even f ts a lil TVC im really luking forward 2 it!

  2. hetal khatri says:

    its osm… 🙂

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