Preity a hot gossip topic of B-town

Guess who was the hot topic of discussion on the sets of a film? Preity Zinta. A bunch of Bollywood stars after the director had announced ‘pack-up’, were heard sitting and gossiping about the actress .

“When stars have no work, they usually say ‘I’m reading a few scripts let’s see how it goes. Actually in reality, they have no work,” laughed a senior actor and added, “Preity’s now saying the same thing.

Bollywood is like a conveyor belt, if you are off it, you can’t get onto it again,” he said. “Preity’s ‘innings’ is over,” he added. To that another actor said, “When their career is rocking, they say ‘I’m tired of doing commercial films, I want to do something more meaningful and then when they get a jolt, they promptly go on to say, ‘I’m dying to do a hard-core masala film.’” Gossip mongers beware, the fiery Preity Zinta won’t take any of this lying down.

“People don’t know that today I’ve made so much money that I don’t need to work for the rest of my life. But I can’t sit doing nothing. I’m busy with my IPL team, my production house and also with the TV show I’m going to host,” she had said besides of course, “reading a few scripts!”



5 Responses to Preity a hot gossip topic of B-town

  1. ZarZindabad says:

    Who is this ‘senior actor’? c’mon,Preity is not like other actor in bollywood,she know what’s she doing!!! Crap Fella!!!!

  2. sunara says:

    ugh..i wonder f this was a merely made up story or f thr were actually a few (losers) who actually said so:((

    im sure our dimpled girl will dazzle us once again n silver screen.n real soon too:-)

  3. partha says:

    can you tell me the name of this reporter…..i want to publishe SOME news about him or her……whatever i would write is absolutely true…..a SENIOR reporter told all those things to me!!!……actually whoever have written this article have written the right thing but by mistake he have written actors actually it should be REPORTERS……when they dont have any work to earn few penny…..the lower themselves start defaming others!!!……R*****!!!

  4. linah says:

    who the hale is this reporter….. really he is a ****!!!! preaty i trust u hny! u have to report him, they have nothin to say dats y they gossip about other****…… i trust u completely swty, and i’m so srry about wat they accused for the crime u didnt commit! all the best mwaaaaaaaaaaa mami!!!!!

  5. Amar says:

    these looser,mental,f***d off senior actors hav no other cheap job left,i thnk….
    wait til ipl is over…
    preity will b bck with gr8 guns n movies n kick those filthy seniour actors n reporters where it hurts…..

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