Sports Illustrated India’s top 50 most influential people in Indian sport

23. Preity Zinta (Team Owner, Kings XI Punjab)

Because she is the first high-profile female owner of any sports team in India. Because she brings her dimpled stardom to the stands when Kings XI Punjab play on their home ground at Mohali. Because she doesn’t mince words and is fully hands on in the running of the team. Because she had the guts to sack captain Yuvraj Singh and replace him with Sri Lankan Kumar Sangakkara.

Because she decided to educate herself in the rudiments of sports business by enrolling at the Harvard Business School to undergo a short executive course in negotiating and dealmaking. Because her team was the first to discover and sign the talented Australian Shaun Marsh. Because she is always there, cheering and motivating her team in every match. Because her presence as one of India’s most bankable stars ensures ticket sales. Because she is the face of her team, despite the fact that its three other owners have invested more money than she has.



4 Responses to Sports Illustrated India’s top 50 most influential people in Indian sport

  1. sunara says:

    woopiee!!!!true!:D n she ranked even above SRK!!wow
    n also cz she is the only reason y i dont miss a single Kings 11 match ever!:D

  2. Vj says:

    Yes, she deserves it!!! Great Actress to a Sportswoman. If you do a work with passion, u r a hit – she proves as an eg.

  3. partha says:

    every actresses should learn to be like him!!!

  4. nora macayan says:

    23/50 most influential sportsperson ! What an achievement for Preity, Way to go !!! This is just the beginning for her, she will go futher with her guts, She will be successful. I would reckon. 😉 Mark my words…..

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