Preity’s next big surprise

Aha, here comes Madhu my Mottu Maid with my masala tea. Just what I need in case she pakaos me with her usual chhota-motta types. For a change, she claims to have some gup about Preity Zinta. If you thought the abhinetri isn’t signing any movies, be prepared, enthuses Mottu.
According to her, Zinta has a major project coming up in a month. So much so that when it is announced, everyone will be astounded. Seems when some presswallahs asked her about her next movie, she told them that her `surprise’ will be the biggest of the year. Chalo, badhiya hai.

As long as she’s not doing any films with the Apoorva Lakhia types. Mots informs me that Zinta happened to bump into the director at Mumbai’s domestic airport recently. During their brief conversation, he discussed his next project, but she declined politely. Kewl!

Hindustan Times E-paper


4 Responses to Preity’s next big surprise

  1. sunara says:

    Whoopieeeeeeeeee!!!!i just cant wait till next month!!!!!!!!! yeh yeh!! i hope no matter wt it is its with either shahruk, saif or amir!!! cz PZ with them is a clear blockbuster formula in itself!!!n i do miss seeing them 2gether onscreen 😀

    thnx 4 da scoop:D

  2. shahad says:

    Preity Preity Preity What can I say? And what I leave?
    I have one more in this world wait impatiently for your return
    And I am more unit Excited to see you so wish you success

    love u preity =)

  3. jay says:

    dats awesome. i am really lookin forward for dat after a long time. thanks preity. u made my life with urs.

  4. Amar..... says:

    dats da word…i will love to watch her wid John atleast once as they will make an awesome pair….
    n i saw Apsara awards today…..
    she looked magically stunning!!!!!!

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