‘Any publicity is good’

The Preity Zinta-Shiney Ahuja starrer Har Pall was supposed to release in the second half of 2009.

But the release was postponed and the film will now see the light of day only in March 2010. The cast, also including Dharmendra and Isha Khoppikar, along with director Jahnu Barua isn’t too happy about the delay, despite the completion of the film. When BT contacted Jahnu, he said, “It’s producer Kitu Juneja’s decision. He probably didn’t want the film to release because of Shiney’s case.”

Kitu plans to release the trailers by the end of January and promote it in February. “I didn’t want to release it right after Shiney got bail. It wouldn’t have been a good thing. One can’t help these accidents. I met Shiney a month ago in Delhi. But my relationship with him is strictly professional. It’s got nothing to do with his personal life,” explains Kitu.

Will Shiney be part of the promotions? “If he’s willing, why not? But I won’t force him,” he states. But won’t Shiney’s court case hog media space instead of the film if he chooses to face the media? “Any publicity is good publicity. Besides we’ve made a good film and it should run,” Kitu says.

With films like Run Bhola Run, Milenge Milenge, Pan Singh Tomar, Shaapit and Kaun Bola releasing in March, will he find an open window to release Har Pall? “We’ll have to find a suitable date for the release,” he maintains.



2 Responses to ‘Any publicity is good’

  1. shahad says:

    Finally this film would be released thank god
    I wish the film a great success
    and i am very excited to see preity i really miss her =)
    Is this film is one of the three films that have occurred by preity ?
    Or three films to be issued for parity in this year adding to
    the Har Pal ?

  2. Rishi says:

    Kab release hogi yaar ??????? preity jab buddhi ho jayeegi tab ??
    are film banaya tu abhi release bhi karo… barna baad mein obsolete ho jayeegi… waiting for this movie since long, will be a massive hit !

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