Pretty poised!

Preity Zinta on her social concerns.

There are some celebrities who are rather loquacious about their altruistic services to the society and then there are those who do it quietly without looking for any appraisal. The beautiful actress Preity Zinta belongs to the latter.

In New Delhi to promote Dabur Vatika Almond Hair Oil, the spunky actress dressed in a gorgeous white dress looked poised and composed. Caught in a frenzied situation Preity Zinta playfully said, “Guys get up and let the ladies sit!” Within seconds, almost miraculously all the men turned chivalrous and ran to offer their chairs. Such is the charisma of Preity Zinta.

Remind her about her active participation in the social sector and you can’t miss the sparkle in her eyes. After taking 34 girls under her care from the Mother Miracle orphanage in Rishikesh she said, “I will take care of their upbringing. Women’s cause is closest to my heart. All girls have the right to live.” She is all gung-ho about putting together an international basketball team for women to create awareness for women’s cause and encourage charity.

Straight forward

Known for her bold statements and a straight forward attitude, Preity is a die-hard supporter of women’s cause and fervently works for their rights. “A woman’s life in India, especially rural India is very tough. On top of that acts like human trafficking especially of young girls plague our society. We all need to take a stand against it. Malpractices like female infanticide and foeticide need to stop. Give girls a chance,” she said.

The self-proclaimed foodie, Preity believes that this latest obsession with size zero is rather stupid. “I don’t understand why women starve themselves to lose weight. Women at some point in life have to be mothers so they have to be healthy. I swear by exercising. I eat everything in regulated portions and indulge myself once a week. Think about it, we live just once, why not live it to the hilt!”

The dimpled beauty is returning to the silver screen with “Har Pal” in 2010 after a long sabbatical and is hopeful. Talk about it and she is quick to answer, “Thank God IPL is in India next season. My six-month break from films overshot to 18 months because IPL moved to South Africa. But movies are my first love and I am so happy to get back to them.”

Be it films, IPL or social service, Preity Zinta has conquered it all!



2 Responses to Pretty poised!

  1. partha says:

    that’s preity!!!…..three cheers for preity!!!

  2. Amar says:

    i jst adore her ………..

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