I’ve learnt not to trust: Preity

launch01For Preity Zinta, this year has been a year of learnings.

“Someone had told me that in the beginning of the year and rightly so. Today, I’ve learned who my true friends are. I have learned not to trust people easily (after my maid robbed my house).

I have learned new forms of dancing. During Diwali, I learned to gamble and lose too! Karan also taught me not to frown and be too animated while speaking, and now I’m going to be learning at the Harvard Business School where I’ve been accepted for a short executive course in negotiating and deal-making,” she said. Not to let criticism affect her, PZ who had been written off by “regressive journalists”, said, “Let them write me off… I’ll keep coming back. I’m producing and hosting a cricket show for TV and will also be making an appearance on the Yash Chopra show that will be hosted by Karan Johar,” said the perky actress, who’s looking for a new innings in the industry.



3 Responses to I’ve learnt not to trust: Preity

  1. Nehalini - Indian Caucus says:

    preity zinta – Please don’t show your lack of education by making such a big deal of a 4 day seminar at Harvard. You are making an ass of yourself by yelling that you are accepted for a paid course that is generally open to the public. We checked with Harvard and they are quite displeased to have their name being dragged in such cheap publicity.

    They are thinking of issuing a public statement that this was not some entrance test you passed to attend the course and Harvard has nothing to do with such frivolty- but that you paid so you are enrolled.

    • partha says:

      please stop speaking rubbish!!!…….if you want to speak then go to a dutbin and speak!!!

  2. odina says:

    Checking with Harvard!…Bah..Hambug!

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