Preity left fuming over ‘fun’ song controversy

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna Preity Zinta, who is doing a dance number Happening for the film Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, has said to have put a lot of effort in to the song.

But she hates it when people refer to the dance number as an item song. Well, she has a ‘valid’ reason for that. She claims that the song has been picturised aesthetically and is actually a fun song.

“So, it’s not a good idea to call it an item song even before the film has released,” she said.

Even director Prem Soni is not happy that people have started calling it an item number. He has been trying hard to clarify it to everyone that it is not an item number.

“Preity is a senior actress and a star. She has never done something like this. It’s only because of her friendship with Salman that she agreed to do a fun, dance number. It would be wrong to call the song an item number,” says Soni.

The director insists the actress plays a much larger part in the story although she is there for a short period in the film.

“Preity plays Hasina Jagmagiya. It is a character which goes into the song Happening. Her character is very integral to the story as she is the one who leads to the climax,” adds Soni.

Preity’s dance number, Happening, has also been compared to the Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan’s Kajra Re from the movie Bunty aur Babli. Preity is also said to be planning to make a comeback in the endorsement world after Diwali with a bang.

Buzz is that with her revamped image, an international designer house has approached her to endorse its brand which soon will be launched in India. This advertisement, claim sources, will boost Preity’s flagging career.

The top French designer house will open stores in metros with the dimpled beauty as its brand ambassador.



3 Responses to Preity left fuming over ‘fun’ song controversy

  1. Admin says:

    I am so hoping it’s Dior LOL

  2. Sam says:

    luv ya pri…

  3. u r looking so beautiful in mr n mrs khana

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