Is Kajra Re’ happening here?

Main Aur Mrs. Khanna You would be forgiven for thinking Preity Zinta’s doing a Kajre Re in this song for Salman Khan’s home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

Far from it, and the perky Preity doesn’t want any comparisons or confusion with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who shook her hips for father and son Bachchan in the 2005 hit Bunty Aur Babli.

Turns out Salman’s her buddy, and this is not an item song she’s doing for him, but a special number in the film co-starring Kareena Kapoor and Sohail Khan. “It’s an interesting cameo. The song’s called Happening and I agreed to do it because director Prem Soni is a friend. And since Salman has played Prem so often, let’s just say this one is for Prem,” the bubby actress said.

Prem (the director, not Salman) added, “Unlike Ash, who was just a part of Kajra Re, Preity plays an important role in the film.” Incidentally… ahem, Preity look’s kinda ‘happening’ because she worked out hard for the song. With two super fit actors in the film in Salman and Kareena, Preity forced herself to follow a special diet, take up a tough exercise regime and do yoga.



9 Responses to Is Kajra Re’ happening here?

  1. partha says:

    preity is looking stunning!!!

  2. ashu says:

    preity looks smokin hottttttt………….

  3. Praveen says:

    I did not like Preity doing this song….Plz dont undo your hard work and image that you have built for so long…Plz plz plz dont do it..You definitely deserve better and you are capable of doing much better than this non sense

  4. partha says:

    hey praveen dont take the song in a negetive way …… look at it in a positive way……dont compare it with the item songs of bipasha basu or other item girls which are vulgar……you look at it properly and you will find that her costume is very similar to that in jhoom barabar jhoom… since the media has stamped it as an item no ….you are looking into it in a different manner which you should not…..we all like preity and i understand what you wanted to say!!!

  5. nina says:

    ya partha right Preity costume on this song is very similar with preity costume in jhoom barabar jhoom, and I think this song can approve that Preity is still beautiful,sexy,hot and she can do better than karena even in her age 🙂

  6. Sam says:

    i agree wid partha…
    ya priz choli z same as dat in jbj if u remembr that orange choli…
    i thnk pri took a brave step i mean look at her shez lookng so fresh n hot.
    cumon pri deservs glamur rolz. v hv already seen her in shalwar qameez a lot.
    i thnk its da tym nw. pri shud sign 4,5 films. n v want her in mirch masala nt in serious rlz nw.
    i mean c who wud lyk to c pri in karan joharz hot n sizlng film rathr dan doin a non famous har pal or heroes.
    pri v want u in big films wid big starz lyk srk,hrithik,aamir n saif(dyng to c their chemistry again)…

  7. Amar says:

    are yar wats all da fuss abt
    iam so happy 4 her dat she is back wid a bang
    n she did dis item song 4 sheer professionalism…
    preity, u rock…

  8. Praveen says:

    yeah it is similar to one that she had wear in jbj. Infact I had not liked her that costume as well. And I’m not going by whether media has termed it as item song or not, because I give damn to media. (Whether media accept her as the best actress or not, for me she is greatest actor ever born).

    We like Preity because she is different from other actress, if even she starts doing stuffs like others, then where is the differentiation?

    I think this blog is a way to connect Preity with her fans, and I just expressed my personal views. A fan is entitled to criticize the actor as much as he entitled to adore her.

    It was unfortunate that Heroes and Videsh could not get as much appreciation as they deserved, but for me they were far better than KANK. I love Preity zinta the person, the actor more than Preity zinta the star.

    May be my fellowmates wont agree with me, but it’s my personal views.

  9. Amar says:

    who cares????
    i jst loved da way she came back n created fire all arnd..
    evn kareena cudnt dance to her level in da song..
    i would love to c da full song…

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