Fan meeting at Toronto International Film Festival 2008

What would you do if you got a chance to talk to Preity? What would you do if she actually replied what you said? What would you do if you could take a picture with the pretty woman? Well, Shruti can tell what she did, she got a briefing encounter with Ms. Preity Zinta herself during the screening of Heaven On Earth at the TIFF 2008. Shruti was kind enough to share photos and her experience (written by herself!) with Preity Zinta Fan Club.

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An Encounter with the Pretty Woman

The Toronto International Film Festival is always exciting for us Torontonians, since it’s the rare chance to experience great world cinema and get a glimpse of the biggest stars of the world. Every year, thousands of movie fans and celeb lovers look forward to this biggest Film Festival of North America, in the hopes to get to see their favourites from the big and small screens of their countries.

This year was no different. Canada’s own Deepa Mehta’s latest film Heaven On Earth was being premiered at the Festival, which stars Bollywood superstar Preity Zinta in the lead role. The film was rather small compared to Mehta’s previous movies like “Water”, and was not promoted to the general public before the Festival. Not too many people knew about the movie and its cast. This was probably the main reason behind the average turnout at the screening event. I am a huge Bollywood fan and wouldn’t have missed seeing one of my favourite actors in person.

The screening was held at the prestigious Elgin theatre, outside which I met some nice people, who too share my love for Indian cinema. While we were waiting for the stars to come, we talked about Bollywood and about how most North Americans are not aware of the biggest film industry in the world. We talked to a few clueless TIFFers who just showed up to see who was coming. Someone asked us if “she’s the one who was in Bride and Prejudice”, when we said Preity is one of the biggest stars of the country. So naturally, we had to enlighten them about the magic of Indian cinema, about Preity Zinta and of course, about Shah Rukh Khan.

While we were having a nice discussion about the various characters Preity has played on screen, like the eternally beautiful and passionate Zaara of the epic love story Veer-Zaara, and the lovable Naina of Kal Ho Naa Ho, we saw a car come into the complex. It was Deepa Mehta, the director of the movie, who waved to us and smiled. Soon after the rest of the cast as well as young Canadian director Sarah Polley showed up. We were getting anxious and even more excited.

Then finally, the Pretty Woman arrived. She looked as radiant as ever in an elegant red dress. As she stepped out of the car, we yelled out her name and cheered. She smiled sweetly as she approached us. She was actually nice enough to give everyone autographs. As she signed our posters, I asked (rather screamed out) a long question about her doing another concert in Toronto. She didn’t quite hear my question since she was probably dazed, thinking to herself. I wonder if she was thinking about her speech at the screening inside. She did hear some of my screeching and looked up at me, with this adorable, confused look and said, “Huh?” and laughed.
That was a surreal moment for me, because this was the lady I’ve watched on the big and small screens since my childhood. She has made me laugh, made me cry and entertained me so much through the years, and here in my city, standing in front of me, she is actually reacting to something I said. That was an unbelievable feeling. It was as though she had actually emerged of the reel world and entered into my real world, with just that one gaze and, “Huh?”

As she finished signing my Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna poster, I knew this was the moment I had to freeze. I quickly asked her if she would take a picture with me, and as I held out my camera to take a photo, to my surprise she just grabbed it from my hand and took the picture herself. It was quite funny, as I kept mumbling how geeky I look while she was taking the picture, which made her laugh more. She returned my camera and as I was screaming “Thank you Preity!” she had left, just as quickly as she arrived.

I have always loved Preity as an actor, businesswoman and as a person, but after this brief encounter, I like her even more and think she’s one of the nicest and most down to earth movie stars. I wish her all the best in life.


6 Responses to Fan meeting at Toronto International Film Festival 2008

  1. zara says:

    Aww!! i completely can imagine how u feel!! i am imagining myself in ur shoe!!!!! Love PZ!! If i got chance to meet her,i want to hug her n tell her how much we love her!!!

  2. zara says:

    I can imagine how u feel!! I am imagining if im in ur shoe!! If i have e chance to meet her,i want to hug her n tell her how much i love her !!

  3. Vj says:

    Superb Interview….the chance that very few imagines & enjoys…

  4. partha says:

    mindblowing….i wish if i was there…..but unlike you i could do nothing….because after seeing her i would freeze……loose control on myself and would lost in the world of fantasy!!!

  5. nora macayan says:

    Wow U just soooooo…. lucky! Wish I’m there too. If ever have chance to meet her in person, I will tell her I admire her in every way, as an actor, businesswoman and as a person. Wish her good luck and the best of every thing. GOD bless her too.

  6. Saffi Rashid says:

    Hey listen…
    Ive always wanted to meet the very beautiful Preity zinta….

    I love her to bits man..
    But I don’t know how I shall meet her. I live in UK and she never comes down her these days:( But I can say that your are very lucky and I wish it was me…..
    The nearest I have been is 3 hours away from her that was when she was in London for “The unforgettable tour” …..
    You are the luckyest person on the earth trust me!”!!! bye

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