Har Pal Update


“Jahnu is having trouble finding producers for the film. Not many were interested in investing money in the film and now with Shiney in jail, the future of Har Pal looks even bleaker.”



6 Responses to Har Pal Update

  1. nina says:

    I hope they find producer for the film fast
    I rally want to see Preity Zinta new movie

  2. Parul says:

    I hope they’ll fine a producer soon. I’m soo badly waiting for this movie, Shiney is a good actor and Preity too! I love them both…dont make Preity suffer because of this…what’s the problem if Shiney’s in jail… other cast can promote the film.

  3. partha says:

    the news is wrong….it5 is not producer…but buyer…means one who buys the film from the producer like multiplex owners!!!

  4. pz2pz says:

    hi.. its sounds cliche, but im the biggest biggest biggest fan of my dearest preity.. and all my friends can vouchsafe that…
    more than preity herself i wish n pray that the fiolm HAR PALL does well..
    and wats with this vidya balan.. shez tryin to sign the movie supposed for aamir and preity.. preity is far better than her.. yash chopra should cast her.. and will cast priety only

  5. pz2pz says:

    finally i got into pzfc..

  6. partha says:


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