Preity bleeds on set

general newsAfter playing the song Bachna Ae Haseeno 50 times for Deepika Padukone on the sets of director Pradeep Sarkar’s ad shoot, buzz is that an ad that he shot with Preity Zinta right after caused quite the chaos.

A StarBoxOffice source present on the sets of the shoot confirmed, saying, “Preity Zinta was shooting for a face bleach ad with Pradeep Sarkar, all of a sudden during the shot, her nose began to bleed profusely. This enraged her and she was on a cussing spree, screaming that she hated outdoor shoots for this same reason.”

The actress was shooting in Chennai where the weather has been on an unbearable high. Close to 45 degrees, the heat was intolerable and the source went on to say, “The heat was killing and maybe one of the reasons of the nose bleed could have been the weather. Still it was pretty surprising, who knows if it really was the heat or something else.”

After things came under control and Preity was given medical assistance, the shoot went on as scheduled. Our source also added, “She was also going around telling people that she isn’t as young as before and is aging. We were pretty surprised to hear that coming from her.”

StarBoxOffice tried to contact Pradeep Sarkar but couldn’t get through.

Well we hope it was the weather and not something else that caused all that trouble to poor ‘old’ Preity. Should we include this in one more mistake of her life?



2 Responses to Preity bleeds on set

  1. Amar says:

    iam so sad!!
    bt i knw dat preity wl hv no prob as she is too brave!!1

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