Preity dazzles the French!

newsThe pouring rain did not prevent Mumbai’s high-profile invitees to the Bastille Day celebrations.

Francois Pujolas, French Consul General and wife Mayumi looking stunning in a pistachio green saree, personally greeted over 700 guests in the winding queue. Later we heard about the quantum leaps that Indo-French relations have taken (The Bonjour India cultural festival is slated to begin in December. Lead city is Mumbai where an amazing photographic exhibition will be set up all over Marine Drive.) Chief Guest Harshvardhan Patil, Minister of Cultural Affairs, spoke a few words.

Pretty woman Preity Zinta arrived, making heads turn, and every hot blooded Frenchman took the opportunity to be photographed with her. Preity stayed on till way past midnight and even took to the dance floor with gusto. Check out the photos here. Wendell Rodricks danced with Jamaal Mecklai, while Praveena smiled with amusement.

Quaffing the bubbly and partaking of the feast were the likes of Dennis and Nancy Biasi, Tony and Sherry Singh, Raj Anand, Neelam Kanwar, Khorshed Mehta, Shhyam Singhania, Emmanuel Amaury, Jean-Michel Rauch, Lady Piloo Tata and a rounded Consular Corps attendance.

This National Day party was swinging even at two in the morning! It was a fitting finale to a memorable celebration that saw Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as Chief Guest of France and 400 of our synchronised armed forces doing India proud on the Champs Elysees. Sante. Cheers.



4 Responses to Preity dazzles the French!

  1. luna says:

    she dazzles everybody 🙂

  2. partha says:

    this is preity zinta!!!…….full of vibrance!!!

  3. Amar says:

    ya very true!!1
    she just luks flawless in dat gorgeous dress!!!

  4. vijay vejrani says:

    she is full of energy

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