‘Kambakht Ishq’ Succes Party

I personally don’t understand how KI became a hit. The movie isn’t logic at all, every surgeon in 2009 knows that you shouldn’t wear jewelery while operating.

Anyways, Preity was presented yesterday at a success bash for the movie. I am sure she was there for her producer/director friends Sajid Nadiadwala. Apart from him, Akshay Kumar (obvious) and Salman Khan and Katrina were presented as her friends.

A transcript from an article I found:

A source present at the event tells us, “Preity, Ujjwala, Pooja (Batra) and a fourth chick came in around 1 am and went inside straight away. They left a couple of hours later.”Source

As for the clothes, Preity looked styled well. I first thought she wore a jeans. But till I saw the full photos, I noticed it was one of her favorite dresses. She wore the dress at ELLE’s 10 years celebration and does she has the dress in red too Well, she looks good and I envy her gorgeous legs. I love the blazer she is wearing, it is so neat and you can wear it for many occasions appropriate. The gorgeous black shiny blazer completed the look with the black dress. Also this blazer is from 2006, she wore it at the press conference of Jaan-E-Mann in New York ! She keeps her clothes very safe I must say!

Click Here for the picture coverage. Preity is pictured with Pooja Batra and Ujjwala Raut. Enjoy!ng


5 Responses to ‘Kambakht Ishq’ Succes Party

  1. Vj says:

    I personally feel the JOSH in preity is missing though she is smiling

  2. alwaysindian says:

    Well Kambakht Ishq is getting a lot of bad reviews..but Akshay has a huge fan following in India n abroad..dont think they will miss an opportunity to see their fav sharing screen wid Hollywood stars..

  3. partha says:

    yes vj you are right!!!

  4. nursha says:

    does anyone knows from where Preity got the blazer?any idea?

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