Gallery Updates

gallerybuttonThe gallery has been updated with lot’s of eye-candy. This means much more pleasure. Preity hasn’t been in the spotlight for a month, and the good news is that Yash Raj has confirmed their soap serial For now, enjoy these lovely photos.

The following updates has been made:
Premiere of ‘The Hangover’ *new*
Fem – Herbal Bleach Cream *new*
An Encounter with Preity Zinta *unseen*
Fundraising Dinner for ‘The Yuvraj Singh Foundation’ *new*
Salaam Namaste: Theatrical Trailer
Salaam Namaste: The Making
Screen Captures from Soldier
Screen Captures from Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha

Enjoy and do check out the new look of the Filmography section, what do you think?


2 Responses to Gallery Updates

  1. AMAR says:

    thanks to the admin 4 such fresh pics…………..
    however the series RISHTA wid YRF has been confirmed, but, i want to ask frm da administrator abt the new YRF film which PZ has signed??????
    wats da status of dat film??????????
    n who is her co star???????
    longing to know da answers……………..

  2. mSzHindO says:

    There is no word of a new film signed by PZ with YR yet… only this show

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