“No molestation complain was made against Shiney during Har Pall” – Jahnu

harpalCutting down the rumour that there was a molestation complaint against Shiney Ahuja during the shooting of Har Pall, director Jahnu Barua says, “This is just a very sad rumour being spread at a time when Shiney is already going through a rough patch in his life. No such thing (the molestation complaint) happened.”

The soft-spoken Assamese director says he had heard a lot of negative stories about Shiney before signing him. “I was cautious when I signed him because I had heard stories about him. But with me, he was a thorough professional. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I maintain the most thorough discipline on the sets. I believe the captain of the ship sets the mood for the rest of the crew. I was the first to reach the location every morning. And the cast was there with me.”

Jahnu doesn’t deny there were problems between Shiney and Preity Zinta. “But artistes are by nature temperamental. And they all bring their own moods to the sets. I’m used to that.”

He doesn’t feel Shiney’s scandal would hit Har Pall. “Why should it? I think the audience today is mature enough to see the difference between the character and the actor. My film is not just about Shiney. There’re a number of characters.”



One Response to “No molestation complain was made against Shiney during Har Pall” – Jahnu

  1. alwaysindian says:

    Well I was shocked when i saw the news on tv..its just sad

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